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Brooks-Reed, Fiona, Dr., Amsterdam, Masters in Comparative Literature and Doctorate in Comparative Education; experienced researcher at universities and industry (petrochemicals). Native Briton, resident in The Netherlands since 2000.
Our English Native.


ConTour: Consultancy and Marketing for Tourism, Mayrhofen, Tyrol. Owner,
Fritz Gasser
, management consultant specializing in e-commerce and tourism.


Gold Hugo, Dr., Vienna. General practitioner with many years experience as a product manager and medical advicer for an international pharmaceutical concern. (www.hugogold.at)


Grobbauer Brigitte, Masters in Sports Science, Graz. Specializes in public health
and medical issues, social affairs and politics.


Lang Edith, Vienna. PR consultant and tutor in systems training. Highly
experienced manager for market communication in an international firm.
Ensures that your appearance and presentation are perfect.


Loisch Elisabeth, Vienna. Advertising and PR expert, economics tutor, journalist
in science, technology and economics. Specializes in communication and organization consultancy.


Saeckl, Martin - our direct connection to Brussels. Born in Lower Austria and
has been in Brussels for a decade. Partner with EACON, the largest German speaking public affairs group in Brussels. (www.eacongroup.com)


Tscheppe, Michael, Vienna, Masters in European Economics and Management Consultancy, Manager with Green Hills Biotechnology, specialist in EU measures and project management. (www.greenhillsbiotech.com)


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