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EUrope: We are familiar with the structures of the EU and the routes of communication from Austria to Brussels and back. We work with Public Affairs experts in Brussels and are acquainted with many of the relevant decision-makers as well as the world of the European media.

Medicine/Health: At Weikom & Network, PR know-how in the areas of medicine and health is combined with the long-term experience of a product manager and medical advicer of an international pharmaceutical company.

Economic Services/Consultancy: Internationally active Management Consultants, - the world of top-level consultants is familiar to us, particularly in the English and German speaking areas of Europe.

Agriculture/Agricultural Policy: Grew up on a mountain farm, worked for several years as a milk yield inspector, graduated from the St Johann in Tirol Agricultural College; supervised PR projects for food and meat advertising agencies; worked as EU researcher for Minister Franz Fischler… these are a few extracts from the cv of Maria Weidinger-Moser.

Public campaigns/Local politics: we are familiar with the concerns and language of the general public. We are ready to assist you with public participation projects, election campaigns, discussion events…. Or with the design and presentation of future workshops for local and regional government.

Tourism and e-commerce: possessing many years experience both as a director of tourism and marketing manager at Tiscover - Austria's largest information and booking agency for tourism - Fritz Gasser offers top level advice in the areas of tourism, the world wide web and e-commerce.


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